LED Water Speakers


LED Water Speakers


USB port power supply.

Left and right stereo sound.

A perfect combination of utility and art!

 Delivers superior sound and high volume. 

Comes with water inside and is sealed tight.

High quality sound and non-crack-noise function.

It's so romantic and amazing when the beautiful light is turn up.

The built-in spouting spring will go up and down following the music rhythm. 

The 3.5mm audio input can apply to laptop, desktop, notebook and other devices with 3.5 audio output.

Concise appearance design, melody perfect match with water dance and LED lamp just is dazzle multi-coloured.

This Fashionable Dancing Water Speakers Set must brighten your eyes and light up your music time once you get it home.

Designed with sharp and creative appearance, our exquisite and elegant dancing water speakers set will catch your eyes at first glance.

Plug them into your iPod, mp3 player, or computer via the included USB cable and start pumping your tunes: the water inside will dance to the beat and the 4 multi-coloured LEDs will light up.


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